Quality Policy

Blue Bird is committed to achieve excellence in its field of operation. Driven by strategy, integrity, vision and professionalism, Blue Bird will achieve a position of strength and reputation in the global logistics arena.

Blue Bird is committed to its customers, share holders and staff and will ensure that every link and every stake holder in the logistics chain is handled with the highest level of competence.

Blue Bird will invest in people, training them to the highest possible level, making their employment with us more than just another job. We will nurture and mentor careers, ambitions and ensure personal growth.

Blue Bird will deploy state of the art systems to cater for the ever- growing flow of information and transparency, which we believe is the key to success.


Systems support notwithstanding, all Blue Bird Employees and Management will remain available on call 24 x 7, 365 days of the year for any queries or clarifications that may be required.

Blue Bird Logistics will redefine the very meaning of “Logistics Excellence” and will set benchmarks and yardsticks difficult not only to match, but also duplicate.