Corporate Social Responsibility

Blue Bird Logistics recognises the need to support global organization’s on Environment, Society and the inclusion of the less fortunate.

International labour laws and those applicable in India have our fullest compliance and support as required by or implemented by local authorities.

Blue Bird Logistics supports various small charities in India as part of our social commitments. The employees of our organisation, in their own individual capacities also support other organisations which cater to the deprived sections of society.

Stakeholders in Blue Bird Logistics, suppliers, employees as well as customers alike are well informed about the emphasis placed on our commitment to complying with a set of core values in the areas of human rights,  labour standards,  the environment,  and anti-corruption.


Blue Bird Logistics has a well-defined plan of action to support more organisations which impart education on an inclusive basis, rehabilitate the homeless and those displaced by acts of nature, in the future. This support will be extended, based on the growth of our own organisation and in equal proportion.