Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight has been the backbone of business since time immemorial. Old Economy still moves volumes in this mode. The services offered by Liners have now matured from the slow and steady business of past years to a relatively faster transit today. It is still baffling to sometimes see roll over’s of containers in Ocean Faring Ships that are twice as large as their predecessors.

The business of FCL, LCL and cargo that need special equipment like Flat racks, Open Tops etc., are well handled by a dedicated team. The team is equipped to handle business inbound as well as outbound India.

Our contracts with Ocean Liners is open to negotiation and since its based already on large volumes,  you can be rest assured that the benefit of our pricing will be appropriately passed on to your organisation as well. For start up companies, this is an excellent opportunity to leverage this benefit to have a competitive product at your market place without having to shrink your own margins.

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