Environment Policy

The organisation realizes and recognises the impact that various activities have on our planet. Being a Professional Organisation in the Transportation Industry necessitates the use of various types of vehicles for movement of Goods.

Focus on the speedy deliveries, more than anything else, means the use of Air Cargo–needing us to enter into contract of carriage with the world’s single largest polluting industry–Airline’s.

While the consequences of non-availability of relief goods have a substantial negative humanitarian impact, its timely arrival by means of Air freight will, in its own way have an impact on the environment.


Blue Bird Logistics will do its utmost to erase the carbon footprint by engaging carriers who have a clear policy with regards to their commitment towards sustainability. Co-operation will extend to joint mechanisms wherever possible.

While most companies look down upon sustainability as an additional cost, Blue Bird Logistics and its employees are convinced that logical and structural planning and processes will not only enable us achieve our goal of being an environment friendly company, but also assist us to reduce costs and pass on that benefit to our customers.

Our goal is to pass on the planet to the next generation, in a condition, as close to what it was when inherited.