Special circumstances call for special measures. Charters, by virtue, are on the top of the cost pyramid amongst all transportation modes. Still there are times when freighter loads of goods have to be transported at short notice.  At times, the consequence of the non-availability of goods could be far higher than the cost of transportation.

A freighter load could mean as little as 50 kgs and could be as much as 200 tons. For each type there are suitable aircrafts. Small aircrafts that can carry as little as 1000 kgs to the giant AN 225, which can carry an astonishing 250 Tons can be arranged at short notice. Country specific rules and regulations permitting we could have an aircraft to suit your requirement up and about in as little as 5 hours from confirmation.

Yet again our alliances on a global level are at your service to handle freight on a 24 x 7 basis.